IFBB physique Pro

Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Personal Trainer

 ​​​At 53, Donna McGinn is a Pro Women's Physique competitor for the International Federation of Body Builders (IFBB). She started seriously training for competition in August 2012, and stepped on stage for her first competition seven months later - winning 2nd Place in her category. ​From there she quickly worked her way to the Pro stage within two years, with a total of seven shows.

She is known for her deeply separated quad and hamstring muscles, detailed back, and ability to nail her conditioning for every show. Her lowest body fat record was 5%, specifically targeted for the 2015 New York Pro.

Donna is a single mother of three, and lives in the Baltimore, Maryland area. 

Donna is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) Modalities of choice are;  Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Russian Sports Massage, Manual Lymph Node Drainage and a little Acupressure. All modalities will be used to help relieve her client from pain.

Not only does she works on body builders and athletes of any sport, she helps non athletic people as well.  

She tries to help them gain full range of motion and alleviate muscle pain or soreness.  

As a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). She offers weight training, nutrition programs, cardio programs, in person and online coaching for all as well. Working with body builders and non athletic persons alike.

For bodybuilding competitors she teaches basic posing. How to smoothly execute muscle contraction to show your musculature at its best and learn to hold those poses for the judges.   She will also help you come up with the best poses that suit your body structure and make you stand out against the line up.

She has also taken up modeling, gymnastics and dance to help with stage presence and to learn new ways to help her clients with that as well.

Also offered are; routine help and music mixing and burning and more.

Donna is in a new documentary on female body building called, Too Big for the World.  It is about how the general public perceives women with muscle and the down fall of female body building.

Check out Donna in this movie trailer for the documentary on female body building.  

"Too Big for the World" 

~​Stay Strong~

​Donna McGinn