Personal Training

Online Includes

- Nutrition Plan

- Cardio Plan

- Workout Split 

- Weekly Check-ins; I will adjust your plan each week as needed. 

In Person is the same as above, except you get to work with me!

Competition Prep

Competition prep is highly dependent on individual circumstances, so please contact me with more details about what kind of competition you are aiming for (Body Building, Mixed Martial Arts, Marathon, etc). I'll create a custom plan for you depending on what exactly you are training for and what your condition is currently. 

Massage Therapy

My massage incorporates a wide range of modalities:

- Swedish

- Deep Tissue

- Trigger Point

- Rolfing

- Russian Sports Massage

- Manual Lymph Node Draining

Rates starts at $100/hr with a special discount for personal training, competition prep, and nutrition clients.

I also offer several massage packages:
3 Sessions for $255 ($85/session)
6 Sessions for $450 ($75/session)
12 Sessions for $780 ($65/session)


Online Includes

- One Month Nutrition Plan

- Weekly Check-ins (I adjust your plan each week as needed)

- Recommended Cardio Plan



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