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Client Study: Lisa's Marathon Training

July 24, 2018



My client, Lisa, and her husband, came to me for help with her training and massages. They were newly arrived from Australia and not used to our winters here. Surprisingly, this was Lisa's first time in a gym situation. She wanted to try strength training for her running.


For her I use a combination of  strength training in her legs mostly and back. Occasional abs. Lately we've been focusing more on her glutes and hamstrings since she tends to run without firing her glutes. And you can tell by looking at her legs vs glutes.

After a while she wanted to try and drop a few pounds. So I had to construct a diet that would give her enough energy through the day and training with practice runs. She also has IBS. So I had to construct her diet around a list of foods she can and can not eat.


So far things are going well. Her last marathon she wanted to come in under the time limit and she did by half an hour and still managed to take a few pics along the way.

Part of the things I do for her and her husband is therapeutic massage. He doesn't run but engages in working out almost every day. So good body mechanics and mobility are a must. And that's where I come in. To try and keep the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints pliable and moving smoothly.

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